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Daviteq Mini Control Valve

Daviteq Mini Control Valve


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1. Introduction


WSLRW-BV is a LoRaWAN Mini Control Valve, integrated with a Ball valve body. The ultra-low power design allows the Valve to run in 5 years with 2 batteries (depending on configuration). The valve will transmit data in kilo-meters distance to the LoRaWAN gateway, any brand on the market. This LoRaWAN Mini Control valve is the best choice for an Irrigation System for a Garden, Smart Farm, or Hydroponic Farm. It can be used for FCU in HVAC or any water supply line in a Facility or Building.


Valve Body: Ball valve, low torque design

Body materials: Brass (standard), 304SS, 316SS

Sealing: EPDM (standard), NBR, Silicone Rubber

Seat: PTFE

Ball: 304SS (standard), 316SS

Size: DN8, DN15, DN20, DN25

Process connection: BSPP female threads

Cable: 2m molded M12 connector cable

Working temperature: 0∼100℃

Working pressure: -1∼10 barg

Manual override: Yes

Valve housing rating: IP5

Control functions: On-Off

Valve Diagnostic: Yes, to detect clogging, longer closing or opening time, valve failure

2. Principle of Operation

This mini-control valve is a 2-piece design ball valve with a low torque feature to allow the valve to use less energy than the regular valve on the market. This feature allows the valve to be operated by batteries for years.

The ball will be moved by the internal micro motor and a set of micro limit switches to allow the running from 0° to 90° of opening.

The valve will be powered and controlled from a wireless device, it could be LoRaWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT, or Sub-GHz technology.

3. Calibration

The mini-control valve is calibrated at the factory to make sure it will close or open completely.

However, after time of usage, the closing and opening times will be increased a bit due to the friction between the ball and the seat increase. Users can check these values from the diagnostic feature of the device and adjust accordingly. Users can use the offline tool or downlink to write the new values of maximum allowable valve open time and maximumu allowable valve close time

4. Application Notes

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5. Installation Notes

6. Troubleshooting

1. Valve take longer time to open and close

  • Check inside status of valve

  • Check fluid pressure

  • Check voltage of power supply for actuator mechanism

2. Valve could not be open and close completely

  • Check any object stuck inside the valve

  • Check the ball erosive wear, ball deformation

3. Valve could not open/close as control command

  • Check object that could lock the ball of the valve

  • Check cable from control module to valve

7. Maintenance


Once the error code appears on the system, please perform the calibration of opening and closing time to make sure the valve opens and closes completely, and no passing problem happens.

Valve body replacement:

Replace the new valve body.

8. Default Configuration