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Daviteq Precision Fuel Level Sensor

Daviteq Precision Fuel Level Sensor


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1. Introduction

CAP10 is a Daviteq fuel level sensor that utilizes the 10-year experience of Daviteq in digital capacitance measuring technique. It delivers high accuracy and stability with 0.1% of span. CAP10 can be integrated into the wireless transmitter from Daviteq, such as Sub-GHz WS433, LoRaWAN WSLRW, and Sigfox WSSFC, to build the complete Wireless Fuel Level Sensor. The CAP10 is also powered by the batteries in the wireless transmitter.

CAP10 is designed for industrial applications like generator, stationary fuel tank in factory, building, construction site


Measurement Range (mm): 700, 1000, 1500, can be extended up to 4000

Accuracy / Resolution / Repeatability: ±0.1% of Span / 0.1% / ±0.1% of span

Thermal drift: < +0.03% of span per 10oC

Connector: M12 male, 4-pin, Coding A

Sensor MTBF: More than 10 years

Sensor wetted materials: Aluminum and engineering plastic

Sensor rating: IP67, outdoor

Certification: CE-Marking per EN61236-1 (with test report)

2. Principle of Operation

CAP10 is a capacitive level sensor which based on the principle of capacitance sensing. The capacitor is formed by two metal pipes of the sensor and the fuel between the two pipes. When the height of the fuel level change, the capacitance value will be change. The sensor transmitter will convert the change of the capacitance to the change of electric signal

3. Calibration

The Daviteq CAP10 fuel level has been pre-calibrated in the factory.

4. Application Notes

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5. Installation Notes

Be careful while drilling, cutting, grinding the tank to install the sensor

6. Troubleshooting

7. Maintenance

8. Default Configuration