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Smart IoT Gateway - iConnector



Safe Zone

IoT Gateway, Data Logger, Edge Controller

Cellular, Sub-GHz, WiFi, Ethernet

STHC is a Smart IoT Gateway, aka iConnector, a main component in any IoT application. iConnector has a role to connect the real World's things like sensors, meters, ,machines... to server system for data logging, data analytics, monitoring & controls... iConnector support multiple Industrial Fieldbus like Modbus, EthernetIP, Profinet, CClink, Wireless sensor network... It connects to server system via LAN/ WAN as Ethernet, WiFi or Cellular.

3-in-1 Device

  • iConnector is a 3-in1 device, comprises Data logger + Logic Controller + Internet Gateway

NO need Programming

  • Don't need to learn any Programming language, just configure it remotely by Globiots platform

Just 2-step for using

  • Just install and configure it remotely on Globiots, then you can start use it!

Multiple Fieldbus Protocols

  • Support multiple Fieldbus protocols like Modbus, EthernetIP, Profinet, CCink...

Since 2014!

  • Industrial customers have been using iConnectors since 2014 because of its quality!

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