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IoT Package for Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

IoT package for temperature and humidity is a comprehensive solution (hardware and software) which applies IoT technology and Sub-GHz wireless technology to monitor ambient air temperature and humidity.


Ambient Air Quality Monitor, Indoor Air Quality Monitor, Infrastructure Monitoring, Facility Monitoring, Warehouse Monitoring



Smart Facility
Smart Building
Smart Agriculture
Smart Factory


Temperature, Humidity

For Industries

Agriculture , Apparel, Banking, Biotechnology, Cement, Consulting, Education, Entertainment, Environmental, Food & Beverage, Furniture, Healthcare, Hi-tech, Hospitality, Livestock, Livestock Feed, Logistic, M&E Engineering, Machinery, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate, Si-Automation, Si-Information Tech., Telecommunication, Transportation, Wholesale-Retail.


There are many solutions to monitor the temperature and humidity on the markets. However, most of the solutions have the following disadvantages:

  • Very high cost;

  • Wired sensors need high labour cost and long deployment time;

  • Not reliable measuring sensors, deliver inaccurate report;

  • The software is not interactive and unstable.

Our Solution

We utilise the wireless sensor technology and IoT platform from Daviteq to build the low cost and reliable solution for customers to monitor Temperature & Humidity.


  • True-wireless sensors allow quick deployment;

  • Lower labour cost;

  • No extra cost fo wires and accessories;

  • Easy install, operation and maintenance;

  • Software is Plug & play;

  • Interractive UI/UX;

  • Reliable Report.

Products used in Solution

  • Sub-GHz wireless sensors: WS433-ATE, WS433-ATH

  • iConnector: STHC

  • Globiots Platform;

  • Templogger Pro Mobile App.

Partner to supply this solution

Male Portrait

Connor Sweeney

General Manager

Templogger Pte. Ltd



Regions to supply this Solution:

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

The number of projects installed:


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