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A breakthrough in the design of Xomox® Lined Ball Valves

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

The ball valve is currently considered the most popular valve equipment in industries around the world. Because it is developed based on the traditional ball valve principle and is lined inside the valve body with anti-osmosis material to prevent fluid corrosion. Thanks to that, the lined ball valve has been considered as the optimal solution for the system in the chemical, petrochemical, food, and agricultural, industries,…

Why claim: A breakthrough in Xomox® design?

With the need for ball valves nowadays, there are many manufacturers on the market, making customers hesitate and choose products that suit their needs.

In addition to the outstanding advantages of the traditional ball valve, the disadvantages of this valve line still exist such as the valve is quite easy to open due to the slip of the seal after the seal, and the appearance of small cracks around the body. The ball detects the company after a long period of working under high pressure and stores dirt.

For these reasons, Xomox® has researched and launched a new line of ball valves to completely solve the aforementioned shortcomings while still meeting the quality of the ball valve.

Lower torque and Smaller Pneumatic Controller

  • The torque valid of the valve is lower, using a smaller actuator, so it saves costs, takes up less space and is easy to install.

  • All internal surfaces of the valve are lined with anti-osmosis and anti-static materials PFA and PVDF that provide high corrosion resistance and can be used with almost any type of media including solids.

Improved lining system

  • Anti-leakage system in the ball and body. The lining in the valve is refined by Xomox® chemical composition PTFE (CMP) for the optimum material that can withstand higher pressures and temperatures than conventional materials.   

  • Design lock between the valve body and the membrane lining should not be curtailed and slip lining occurs when suction vacuum caused by pressure changes suddenly.

Dynamic body joint design

  • In traditional design, when opening and closing the valve with a pneumatic actuator, the ball valve may fluctuate, leading to a deflection of the valve to one side, which will eventually lead to fluid leakage during use. With the new design of Xomox®, the valve is designed in a spherical shape to help balance the factor, the system will operate stably when the valve is closed and closed.

  • Along with that, the valve body has a seamless metal connection that can resist the forces occurring in the pipeline when the pressure and temperature change suddenly.

Conclusion: Xomox® equipment has affirmed its brand name all over the world, and with the new exclusive design of this lined ball valve product, you will surely have more choices for you. to improve production efficiency and quality. For more information and product support advice, you can contact us via email at



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