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Daviteq attracts many interests at VINAMAC Expo 2022.

VINAMAC EXPO 2022 took place on November 2-5, 2022 attracted many visitors whose interested in industrial equipment as well as technological solutions in the fields of mechanics – automation, rubber – plastic, and food processing.

In this event, Daviteq, as a member of the Ho Chi Minh City Automation Association – HAuA, always a pioneer in bringing new technology applications to the industrial sector, had a practical sharing on the topic “Application of Sub-GHz wireless technology and LoRaWAN in machine health monitoring.” – help more industrial customers be more proactive in ensuring the health of their equipment, thereby ensuring the productivity.

After the topic, visitors had the chance to observe the device and demo showcasing at the booth.

Also in this event, Daviteq and Le Gia Hi-Tech JSC officially signed a cooperation agreement – Le Gia became Daviteq’s Distributor in the Vietnam market for Wireless Sensors and Industrial IoT Solutions. Besides Daviteq’s products, Le Gia also stocks quite a wide range of products of many brands such as ABB, Klemsan, Hensel,…

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