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Daviteq becomes the centrepiece at Viettel M2M IoT 2023

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Daviteq at Viettel M2M IoT 2023
Daviteq at Viettel M2M IoT 2023

Hanoi, VN - The Viettel M2M IoT 2023 event held on June 14th 2023, with a remarkable number of attendees, has shown that the market is paying a lot of attention to the IoT topic, especially in the era of the technology boom and the rapid growth of IoT.

Daviteq participated in the event as a partner of Viettel and gained a lot of attention from the participants. Daviteq presented several outstanding sensor products and IoT use cases that gave the visitors a more comprehensive and realistic view of the application of IoT in many industries, especially M2M (Machine-to-Machine).

With a wide product range suitable for many applications and experience working on many IoT projects with partners in multiple countries worldwide, Daviteq made a strong impression on the guests when discussing at the booth. At the same time, many opportunities to cooperate in developing more IoT projects in Vietnam in the near future also be suggested and spotted.

Another remarkable news at this event, Viettel officially announced their NB-IoT coverage plan in many provinces and regions. Combined with the availability of Daviteq's NB-IoT product range, there come promises to bring huge benefits to many business opportunities, making accessing IoT solutions serving various industries easier.

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