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Daviteq elevates the product experience, attracting many visits at Smart City Asia 2024

Updated: Apr 24

To connect businesses in the fields of Technology, IoT, and AI, the Smart City Asia 2024 exhibition, with the presence of leading domestic and international companies, has opened up many opportunities for exchange, aiming for sustainability cooperations. With its main topic, Smart City, exhibitors brought impressive technology products and IoT solutions to the exhibition. At the seminar, in parallel with the exhibition activities, speakers also presented interesting topics surrounding similar topics.


Excited to participate in this event, with the desire to optimize the customer experience, Daviteq has brought to the exhibition a unique and more visual showcase space with practical application models for customers to have A more comprehensive and transparent view of the installation and operation of IoT products and solutions. Here, Daviteq displayed outstanding products for Smart City applications such as Air Quality Sensors, Tilt Sensors, Liquid Level Sensors, etc. Thanks to that, Daviteq's booth received a lot of special attention from visitors inside and outside the IoT field, successfully attracting many businesses planning to apply wireless sensors to their facilities, creating a premise for many future collaborations.

The exhibition ended in an exciting atmosphere. This is a helpful technological playground for visitors and exhibitors to have the opportunity to meet and share experiences, connecting businesses in the same field. The success of Smart City Asia 2024 promises to open up many cooperation opportunities for businesses, contribute to the development of the technology industry, and promote domestic and international trade.

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