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Daviteq's ERP system attracted a lot of attention at CafeTECH October 2023

Updated: Feb 29

Daviteq at CafeTECH Oct 2023
Daviteq at CafeTECH Oct 2023

With the desire to bring knowledge and experience about Smart Factory and deploying ERP system in business administration, the CafeTECH October 2023 is organized by Ho Chi Minh City Automation Association (HAuA) and the Ho Chi Minh City Association of Mechanical and Electrical Enterprises (HAMEE), took place successfully with the interest and response of over 50 attendees from businesses in the mechanical and automation industry, creating a premise for future workshops and opens up new directions for future development.

CafeTECH Oct 2023 Overview
CafeTECH Oct 2023 Overview

Sharing about Smart Factory, Dr. Tran Ngoc Huy - Lecturer of the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Bach Khoa University), presented new technologies in the production process and the benefits of applying ERP and MES systems in operating and managing manufacturing enterprises.

Following the event, as a company not only succeeded in implementing the ERP system but also applied ERP to optimize the company's resources in developing markets in up to 60 countries around the world, Daviteq'sBoD, with CEO Mr. Nguyen Vinh Loc and COO Ms. Tran Yen Chau, brought experiences in the process of applying ERP in business to share at this CafeTECH session. The topic attracted a lot of interest and positive reactions from attendees while creating more trust and knowledge for businesses to start the journey of optimizing their resources.

In addition, Daviteq also brought several IoT products about Smart Factory applications to demo at this event. The exhibition booth received a lot of attention and interaction from attendees.

The discussion at the end of the session was also extremely exciting and enthusiastic. Attendees from many industries raised questions and comments surrounding the main topic. Businesses have the opportunity to exchange, learn and cooperate, creating a healthy and positive business environment and contributing to promoting breakthrough innovations in the industry.

The success of CafeTECH session 5 marked an important step in the digital transformation journey of the Vietnamese SME community. The event not only helps SME businesses raise awareness of the value of applying technology to business management but also contributes to creating motivation and shaping new directions for the small and medium-sized business community in Vietnam, contributing to the sustainable development of the economy. Also, through this event, partners, especially businesses operating in manufacturing - trade – system integration in the field of mechanical - electrical - automation, learn more about Daviteq as a reliable partner in implementing ERP packages for their business.

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