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Daviteq launches the product “Vaccine Cabinet Temperature Monitoring Solution”

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Ho Chi Minh City, March 18, 2021. With the mission of continuously creating useful solutions for customers, today Daviteq Technologies Inc would like to inform our customers and partners of a newly launched solution: “Vaccine Cabinet Temperature Monitoring Solution

This product has the following outstanding features:

  • Flexible investment method;

  • Advanced wireless sensors technology;

  • High accuracy & reliability;

  • Sensors are calibrated annually;

  • 24/7 continuous monitoring;

  • Automatically send alerts by an emergency call, sms & email.

The product is used in the following typical applications:

  • Monitoring of vaccine cabinet temperature at the vaccination clinic.

  • Monitoring the temperature of refrigerated trucks transporting vaccines.

  • Supervising cold storage for preserving pharmaceuticals and medical supplies.

Daviteq Technologies Inc

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