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Daviteq products are the bridges for Industrial IoT applications

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

APAC IoT Innovation Summit – GSMA 360 – has ended but it has done its own mission opening attendants’ eyes to the whole new world of Industrial IoT applications. This event not only attracted the globally branded names of IoT vendors but also aroused the curiosity of other passional people on technologies and how Mobile factors combine with IoT applications to generate solutions to all fields of profession.

As a strategic partner and a companion even, Daviteq honourably walked abreast with Viettel to demonstrate the unique mobility solution and asserted its position ourselves in the international community. And from now on, besides being known as an agricultural country, Vietnam has identified their presence on the Smart IoT society map and it’s our pleasure to be a pioneer. We, Daviteq, brought to the expo not the images and concepts, but the real devices completed with functional designs and their various applications either. The attraction of Daviteq’s presence at the event is based on the truth that attendants had a real experience when they visited our booth.

All of our products were well-prepared to provide a high interactive trial with both industrial hardware and Globiots software, visitors were freely to operate the demo monitoring system to generate reports for different fields, such as machine, environment, etc.

There’s no doubt that Mr. Nguyen Vinh Loc – Daviteq’s founder – has the most comprehensive knowledge of Daviteq’s products since he is the inventor of those and as well as, the person who created a leading Daviteq to apply advanced technologies to monitor factories’ operation. At APAC IoT Innovation Summit, he shared his real experience and practical benefits of smart IoT solutions through the speech subjected “Enhance Manufacturing Efficiency by Industrial IoT Solutions”. His lecture amazingly raised experts’ interest and received warm encouragement from the audience.

The presentation of CEO Nguyen Vinh Loc at the APAC IoT Innovation Summit

Enhance Manufacturing Efficiency with Industrial IoT Solution by Mr. Nguyen Vinh Loc Daviteq’s CEO


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