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Daviteq’s remarkable week in Melbourne.

August 15-21, 2022, marked an impressive week for Daviteq, with many outstanding activities in Melbourne – Australia.

ARBS 2022 took place from 16-18 August; the event to demonstrate products, solutions, and services for air conditioning and ventilation systems for buildings and facilities,… Daviteq and Templogger (Daviteq’s sales representatives in Australia) joined the booth with Smart Temp to showcase the WS433 wireless sensors for measuring Temperature, Humidity, CO2, NH3…

The booth attracted many visitors and received a lot of interest in products; Daviteq and Templogger also received many inquiries during the event.

On the sidelines of the ARBS 2022, Daviteq and Templogger also held an event called Daviteq Workshop on August 19, intending to introduce Wireless Sensor range with different connectivity (Sub-GHz, LoRaWAN, Sigfox) like:

  • Wireless sensor to measure Process Pressure,

  • Wireless sensor to measure Temperature, Humidity,

  • Wireless sensor to measure Liquid Level, Trash Bin Level

  • Wireless sensor to measure Gas (CO2, NH3,…),

And IoT Solutions such as:

  • IoT solution for Power Management,

  • IoT solution for Temperature, Humidity Monitoring,

  • IoT solution for NH3 Monitoring for Toilet Odor, Poultry Farm,

  • IoT solution for Water Level, Trash Bin Level Monitoring in Smart City,

Daviteq Workshop successfully attracted many customers and partners in Australia to join and exchange needs.

With this workshop’s success, we plan to organize more Workshops in different cities in Australia, such as Sydney, Brisbane, Perth,… and New Zealand.

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