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Tons of food are lost due to a power failure at the Binh Dien Market

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Tons of seafood in the freezers at Binh Dien Market were damaged due to a local power failure.

Binh Dien Market is the largest and busiest wholesale market in Ho Chi Minh City. It also means that the store owners need a place to store goods, especially frozen items, during the temporary shutdown due to the stressful epidemic situation in the City. The solution used was to store these items in freezers in cage houses.

However, as noted and shared recently, there was an unfortunate incident that both Binh Dien Market Management Board and store owners did not want. It was an unstable power source, leading to a local power outage at the K cage house. Due to the above incident, leading to the interruption of the power supply, the freezers could not operate for a long time for nearly 02 months. As a result, tons of aquatic products were damaged due to spoiling. The total loss is up to billions of Vietnam dong.

Currently, the market management board and the store owners are working together to handle and reduce damage.

Comments: Is this the time when we must thoroughly consider IoT's implementation and application in many perspectives of daily life? For example Power failure detection, Power Quality Monitoring, Temperature monitoring, etc.

With only an investment of several tens of millions of dong, it was possible to monitor and reduce losses up to billions of dong.

Source: TuoiTre Online Newspaper


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