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BTS Track - Asset Tracking solution for Base Transceiver Station

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The telecommunication corporation's base transceiver stations are scattered everywhere, and many of them are in remote areas. The station consists of many valuable and essential assets such as batteries, generators, telecommunication equipment, and air conditioners. The operation department at headquarter requires a real-time asset tracking solution for critical and high-value assets at the base transceiver station to help overcome the following challenges:

    The late detection of missing assets at the station makes it difficult to find them.
    Loss of equipment causes the base transceiver station to interrupt the operation.
    Buying new assets to replace the stolen ones results in additional labor cost and investments cost.
    Losing some support equipment can cause damage to other critical equipment in the station.


BTS Track is an advanced solution that applies IoT technology and RFID technology in asset tracking for base transceiver station. The system uses RFID tags attached to the monitored assets and the cellular gateway, iConnector 3G, pushing data to the cloud server for asset tracking. This asset tracking solution can be upgraded to monitor security, environment, fuel, power, and equipment health in the station. BTS Track has the following main functions:

    Real-time monitor the assets such as generators, batteries, air conditioners, telecommunications equipment in the base transceiver station.
    Visualize and periodically email the station assets' historical charts, alarm reports, and abnormal events report during the selected period.
    Immediately send an alert when the property is relocated via the on-site siren, notification on the application, email, SMS to the authorized person for handling.
    Support multiple ways of data transmission from the BTS Track system to management software of telecommunication companies through API, MQTT, csv, and ftp.


    Application of advanced technology in the world: wireless data transmission RFID and IoT technology.
    Easy installation and maintenance thanks to the true wireless RFID tag (powered battery and RFID wireless connection).
    Alerts in different ways via local siren, app notification, email, and SMS when the assets are missing.
    Simple data exchange from BTS Track software to business management software such as ERP, CRM, and BI.


Daviteq's asset tracking solution, BTS Track, helps telecommunication corporations ensure smooth operation, reduce financial risk, and increase station operational efficiency. This asset tracking solution offers the following specific benefits:

    The immediate warning system helps the operation team promptly handle asset theft at the telecommunication station.
    The real-time monitoring system of assets in the station ensures the continuous operation of the base transceiver station.
    The results of the historical data analysis provide valuable information for property theft investigations.
    BTS Track reduce the rate of property theft and decrease operating costs of telecommunication stations.
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