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Daviteq Globiots Use case

Energy Management solution based on Globiots

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As the competition among businesses becomes more fierce than ever, especially product cost competition, manufacturers have to optimize their production costs to stay ahead of their competitors and maintain a reasonable profit. Among solutions for production cost reduction, deploying factory energy management systems for production optimization is favored by most factories. However, there are a few problems in applying a traditional solution to energy management:

    Collected data on energy consumption is inconsecutive, outdated, insufficient, and unreliable.
    Labour is wasted due to assigning staff to record energy data and create energy reports manually.
    Manager doubt on energy waste (electricity - water - gas), especially at night and on day-offs.
    Factory managers are unsure about the energy efficiency of their factories.


Understanding factory's difficulties, Daviteq has developed a comprehensive monitoring & management solution, namely IoT Globiots, for energy systems in modern buildings and factories. IoT Globiots is applied to manage many kinds of energy such as electricity, water, steam, compressed air, industrial gas, refrigeration gas, and fuel. Factory energy management will be easier and more effective with this solution. The solution has following main functions:

    Automatically collect the value of energy parameters: total accumulative energy, current energy consumption, and energy quality from energy meters/ sensors.
    Show current status, historical trends, and reports of energy during a selected period or during time cycle, and store collected data up to 3 years.
    Immediately send warnings and abnormal events through the web on PC, applications on smartphones and tablets, or SMS to registered users.
    Manage users, groups, and accounts to automatically send relevant energy reports through email as scheduled (weekly, monthly, yearly).


    Manage all types of energy on one system, and be accessible from anywhere through PC, tablet, and smartphone.
    EMS solution is quick deployment, easy upgrade of functions and reports, and simple scope expansion.
    The solution optimizes investment & operation costs and is suitable for different scales of energy management needs.
    Energy dashboards, functions, notifications, and reports are customized designs based on customer requests.


Daviteq's IoT Globiots EMS solution for factory energy management not only helps factories overcome disadvantages of the traditional solution but also offers advantages in terms of effective energy management and carbon dioxide (CO₂) exhaust reduction:

    The solution facilitates 24/7 energy management and saves working hours spent on manually recording the parameters.
    Based on collected data and historical trends, managers can design an effective plan to save more energy.
    Real-time warnings on energy quality problems result in enhancing the lifespan of machines and reducing factory downtime.
    Deploying IoT Globiots EMS helps to obtain ISO 50001 certificate, thus raising the factory reputation and developing business.
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