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Daviteq Globiots Use case

Ferry Fuel Management solution based on Globiots

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The main cost in ferry operation is fuel. With scattered ferry terminals, the management department at the headquarter faces many challenges in managing ferry operations, especially monitoring and managing fuel in storage and daily tanks on the ferry. In addition, effective coordination of fuel supply for scattered ferries is a big concern. Ferry operation companies demand a centralized fuel management system to solve the following fuel management difficulties:

    Manager suspects fuel theft on ferry tank but there is no data and proof
    Real fuel volume in the tank on the ferry are not updated to actively coordinate the fuel
    The fuel data, recorded manually, are few, not up-to-date and low reliable
    Company wastes time and manpower to go down to the fuel tanks at the ferry to record data


IoT Globiots is a remote fuel monitoring and management system for fuel level, fuel volume, fuel consumption and ferry location. The solution apply IoT Globiots technology developed by Daviteq. In addition to ferry fuel management, this solution can be extended to manage other transportation vehicle and objects such as barges, river ships, ocean vessels, boats, cars, generators, and industrial tanks.
The solution has the following outstanding functions:

    Automatically collect data on fuel level, fuel volume of daily tank and storage tanks, and ferry position from fuel level sensors and GPS sensor.
    Display on the application dashboard the current values of fuel volume, fuel level in the daily tank and storage tank, and position of the ferry.
    Display and scheduled email fuel management reports of tank fuel volume, fuel consumption, fuel filling and fuel theft during selected period.
    Instantly send alerts when there is a fuel abnormality (fuel loss, too high fuel level, too low fuel level and sensor disconnection...) via app, email, and SMS.


    Monitor tank fuel and ferry location from anywhere using PC, tablet and smartphone.
    Send alerts when there is a fuel problem to manager by different ways: notification on the app, email, and SMS.
    Exchange data easily between IoT Globiots software and business management software (ERP, CRM...)
    Design professional reports to meet with the fuel management needs of customers in the transportation industry


Daviteq's ferry fuel management system brings great benefits to ferry operation companies to manage fuel efficiently, optimize operation coordination, reduce operation and maintenance cost as well as provide fuel data transparency to employee on ferry:

    Abnormal fuel consumption is automatically reported to managers to help them detect fuel theft quickly
    Automatic fuel data collection results in saving time and manpower to manually record data and make shift fuel reports
    Real time monitoring of remaining fuel volume in the fuel tanks helps to efficiently coordinate the fuel supply for the ferry
    Automatic fuel data collection system and analysis reports enhance the efficiency of fuel management
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