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Smart Tower - Monitoring Solution for Telecom Tower

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Telecom towers are affected by many uncertain factors such as geology, weather, oxidation, and human activities. These factors impact the tower's safety level even cause them to tilt and fall. It can result in significant economic losses, disrupt the transceiving operation, threaten human life and destroy surrounding properties. Telecommunication companies demand a solution of vibration monitoring for telecommunication tower to overcome the following challenges:

    It wastes resources to manually and periodically check the health of the telecommunication tower.
    Collection data is few, intermittent, and low reliable with a method of manual measurements.
    Manually collected data is insufficient to analyze and forecast anomalies health of the tower.
    The late detection of the abnormality of the tower harms the telecommunication tower operation.


Tower Vibration Monitoring Solution, Tower Health, is a comprehensive solution for monitoring tower health. The solution uses wireless sensors that measure the tilt and vibration of the tower's steel structures, wind speed and direction, and ambient temperature and humidity. The sensors transmit their data to the gateway, iConnector, and then iConnector forwards it to the server over the cellular network. Tower Health has the following main functions:

    Display the current value of health parameters: the tower tilt and vibration, wind speed and direction, and ambient temperature and humidity.
    Visualize and export files of historical charts, alarm reports, abnormal event reports, analysis reports, and forecast reports during the selected period.
    Immediately send an alert when the health parameters of the tower exceed the set threshold via a notification on the application, email, SMS to the authorized person for handling.
    Support various ways of data transmission from tower health monitoring system to management software of telecommunication companies using API, MQTT, csv file, ftp.


    Easy installation and maintenance thanks to the true wireless sensors (powered battery and Sub-GHz wireless connection).
    Alert in many ways, such as the app notification, email, and SMS when the alarm occurs.
    Design of specialized analytical and predictive reports for the maintenance of the telecommunication industry.
    Simple data exchange from tower vibration monitoring software to enterprise management software (ERP, CRM, BI...).


The tower vibration monitoring solution facilitates telecommunication network operators to ensure smooth transceiving operation, reduce financial risk, and increase tower maintenance efficiency. This solution offers the following specific benefits:

    The immediate warnings help the operation team to handle incidents affecting the operation of the tower promptly.
    The tower's real-time health monitoring system ensures the continuous operation of the telecommunication tower.
    The results of data analysis provide valuable information for effective planning of the tower maintenance.
    The information from the analysis of the health data improves tower design, manufacturing, and installation in the future.
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