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Daviteq Globiots Use case

SmarTrans - Refrigerated Truck Temperature Monitoring solution

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The preservation of specific goods such as frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, or especially vaccines requires strict temperature conditions. Therefore, the transportation of these particular goods also requires the refrigerated truck temperature monitoring system to be applied to ensure that the goods are in the temperature condition range during the transporting activities. Many solutions may have one or either many weaknesses, as mentioned below:

    Other areas in the truck compartment are unknown because only one point of temperature is measured.
    Sensor replacement is usually complicated and requires good technical skills.
    Abnormal temperature is not notified while the vehicle is in motion.
    System usage is complicated, and collected data are not updated and missing.


SmarTrans, a refrigerated truck temperature monitoring system, is developed and provided by Daviteq. In this solution, Sub-GHz wireless sensors are connected to an iConnector - IoT gateway, and then the iConnector pushes data to a server through GPRS/3G/4G. The solution results in effective online tracking of the temperature in the truck compartment, eliminating the weakness of marketed solutions. SmarTrans solution offers the following main functions:

    The system measures multiple temperature points and shows the real-time value and historical trends even when the truck is in motion. Temperature sensors are calibrated and certified by 3rd-party to ensure their high accuracy in compartment temperature measurement. Globiots software is easy usage, user-friendly interface, immediate notification on PC screen, tablet, and smartphone when the temperature is out of range. The solution is easily upgraded to monitor other factors such as door access, fuel management, idling status, driver identification, driver behavior.


    Various truck types are unified monitored from anywhere, any time, using PC, tablet, or smartphone.
    SmarTrans solution is quick deployment, easy upgrade of functions and reports, and simple scope expansion
    The solution is cost-optimized, suitable to manage from few trucks to many trucks.
    Dashboards, functions, notifications, and reports are customized-design based on customer requests.


SmarTrans, the refrigerated truck temperature monitoring solution, not only overcome the disadvantages of traditional solution but also help customer to improve the efficiency in the management of transport, goods, and driver, with outstanding benefits:

    The temperature inside the truck compartments is monitored in real-time to ensure the quality of the transported goods.
    Driver's performance, behavior, and activities are collected and analyzed to correct driver evaluation.
    Consecutive, updated, and reliable temperature data are automatically collected to help timely resolve temperature problems.
    Applying smarTrans promote the company brand name and help to save the labor cost for data collecting manually.
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