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Long Range Wireless Co-Ordinator




Safe Zone


WS433-CL is a wireless co-ordinator in a wireless sensor network, a high-performance type. It is able to configure the parameters for all end nodes in the network. By the Sub-Ghz technology from Texas Instruments, it is easy to establish multiple networks in same area without interference or channel conflict. One co-ordinator can handle maximum of 40 end nodes in its network. LOS transmission distance up to 6000m. The WS433-CL also has the option of adding an IoT Gateway built-in to facilitate remote configuration and diagnostics, as well as remote monitoring and control via any IIoT platform. The installation and configuration is very simple. Setting up a wireless sensor network has never been this easy.

Lĩnh vực

Smart Agriculture, Smart Building, Smart City, Smart Energy, Smart Facility, Smart Factory, Smart Farm, Smart Healthcare, Smart Retail, Smart Transportation, Smart Utilitites

Dành cho ứng dụng

Automatic Ventilation System, Facility Monitoring, Indoor Air Quality Monitor, Warehouse Monitoring, Temperature Monitoring

Reliable & Secured Wireless Connection

Sub-Ghz technology from Texas Instruments allows reliable wireless connection and secured data by AES-128


High performance RF design combined with high gain external antenna

Powerful Management Function

Allows to configure, manage & diagnose each sensor node in the network to ensure the most reliable operation of the wireless system

Simple Configuration

Wireless Bridges are easily configured by an offline tool or remotely by online tool (Globiots)

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