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Daviteq Globiots Use case

Refrigerated Container Power Supply Monitoring on Barge

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The barge operation department at the headquarters had difficulty to manage operations on barges carrying refrigerated containers at scattered river ports and rivers. The department also failed to collect timely information on the power supply of the refrigerated containers and the condition of the generators on the barge. Shipping companies need a remote refrigerated container power supply monitoring system over the internet to help solve the following problems:

The goods in the container are damaged or reduce quality because of power outages
No monitoring for operation and health of generators on barges can cause sudden power outages
Shipping companies are fined and lost their reputation because of power loss to the containers
Managers are not notified if no power supplies to the containers and unscheduled generator off

Các giải pháp

IoT Globiots is a complete solution, including hardware and software for refrigerated container power supply monitoring, generator status and barge position monitoring over the internet. The solution apply IoT technology based on Globiots platform, developed by Daviteq since 2012. This refrigerated container monitoring system can be expanded to monitor the operation of main engines and tank fuel on barge. This IoT system has the following main functions:

Automatically collect generator run/stop status, current load and power supply status for refrigerated containers on barge and barge's position.
Display current generator running status, load current and power supply status for refrigerated containers on barge, and current barge position.
Display and email periodic reports of generator running status, load current of containers, power supply status of containers during the selected period.
Instantly send alerts when there is a problem such as generator overvoltage, container current overload, container power loss, etc. via notification on the app and sending email and SMS to the users.


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Monitor refrigerated containers, generators and barge position from anywhere using PCs, tablets and smartphones.
Easily upgrade reporting features and interfaces as well as expand the number of containers and barges to monitor

Simple exchange data between IoT Globiots software and business management software (ERP, CRM...).
Customize designed dashboards and reports to meet up with the management needs of customers in transportation industry.

Những lợi ích

The solution of refrigerated container power supply monitoring on barges benefits shipping companies in quick barge coordination, efficient operation, cost optimization, less risks, customer satsfaction enhancement and business development:

    Save time and resources to record periodical data and make manual reports on power supply of refrigerated containers
    Ensure uninterrupted power to the refrigerated container thereby reducing the risk of goods damage during barge transit
    Provide customers with reliable proof of compliance with uninterruptible power supply for refrigerated containers on barges
    Enhance customer satisfaction because the power supply to their containers is remotely and continuously monitored

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