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Modbus Output Single Axis Piezo 10kHz Vibration Sensor




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MBRTU-V1A is a cost-effective accelerometer single-axis vibration sensor designed for condition monitoring and preventive maintenance applications. The Piezo-Electric accelerometer is available in ranges ±25g or 50g and features a flat frequency response up to >10kHz. Its accelerometer features a stable piezo-ceramic crystal in shear mode with low-power electronics, sealed in a fully hermetic package. The Piezo Electric technology incorporated in the MBRTU-V1A accelerometer has a proven track record for offering the reliable and long-term stable output required for condition monitoring applications. The accelerometer is designed and qualified for machine health monitoring and has superior Resolution, Dynamic Range, and Bandwidth to MEMS devices. Besides that, it can also measure the temperature at the mounting point. It can be powered by a wide range 9∼36VDC supply and give output RS485 with ModbusRTU protocol.


Smart Agriculture, Smart Building, Smart City, Smart Energy, Smart Facility, Smart Factory, Smart Farm, Smart Retail, Smart Utilities

Dành cho ứng dụng

Condition Based Monitoring, Machine Health Monitoring, Safety Monitoring, Vibration Monitoring

Modbus communication

Connect to any PLC, Devices via RS485 Modbus RTU protocol

High resonant frequency

Compact cylindrical stainless steel housing gives resonant frequency > 12 KHz.

High Performance Piezo-electric sensor

Wide bandwidth up to 10000Hz. Hermetically Sealed, Piezo-Ceramic Crystal, Shear Mode accelerometer sensor is designed and qualified for machine health monitoring and has superior Resolution, Dynamic Range and Bandwidth to MEMS devices.

For Indoor and Outdoor

IP67 rating design for extreme condition environment.

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