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Fuel Level Sensor for Industrial Applications

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CAP10CN is industrial version of PulseCAP10, designed for industrial applications like generator, stationary fule tank in factory, building, construction site... CAP10CN has 4-20mA output or RS485/ ModbusRTU output, can be connected easily to any industrial devices like PLC, IoT Gateway, iConnector... CAP10CN has very high accuracy 0.1% of span, can be used for tank up to 30.000 liters volume.

Smart Transportation, Smart Agriculture, Smart Building, Smart Energy, Smart Facility, Smart Factory, Smart Farm

For Applications

Energy Monitoring, Fuel Monitoring, Process Monitoring, Smart Irrigation, Vehicle Tracking

99.9% Accuracy

Patented digital capacitance measuring technique PulseCAP10 of Daviteq allow high accuracy

Easy calibration

Easy calibration for any fluid by just a button

Industrial Output Signals

Output 4-20mA or RS485/ ModbusRTU for easy connecting to PLC, controller, SCADA, BMS…

Shorten to 100mm only!

Allow to cut as short as 100mm length

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