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LoRaWAN Ex d Ambient Humidity & Temperature Sensor

Humidity, Temperature
Hazardous Zones
Replaced by
WSLRWEX-ATH is a LoRaWAN sensor with Ex d explosion-proof approval, comes with a built-in high-performance ambient humidity and temperature sensor. With Ultra-low-power design and smart firmware allow the complete Wireless and Sensor package to run on a single battery 3.6V for 5 years or more with 15 minutes update. It supports all frequency zones.

Typical applications: Ambient humidity and temperature monitoring for warehouse or area with flammable gases or dust.

Smart Facility

For Applications

Automatic Ventilation System, Facility Monitoring, Indoor Air Quality Monitor, Warehouse Monitoring, Temperature Monitoring

LoRaWAN communication

LoRaWAN communication standard to allow sensor connect to any LoRaWAN Gateway on the market

5-10 Years battery

Ultra-low power sensing technology from Daviteq with Ultra-low power wireless technology allow the sensor can last up to 5-10 years with a single battery

High Accuracy & Stable

Digital sensor with factory-calibration

Optional Rain Guard and Splash Guard

For outdoor installation or place with water jets

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