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LoRaWAN Tower Vibration Sensor

Vibration, Tilt, Wind
Safe Zone
Replaced by
WSLRW-TVS is a special vibration sensor to monitor the vibration of telecommunication towers, electrical towers, and lighting poles... With advanced vibration sensor and digital processing, it delivers accurate vibration parameters like displacement, frequency, and tilt angles... With a built-in Wind speed and wind direction sensor, it can deliver the vibration parameters associated with the wind speed and wind direction at the same time. It supports LoRaWAN connectivity, allow to connect to any LoRaWAN gateway and Network Server on the market. The device powered by an integrated Solar panel with rechargeable batteries to allow continuous operation up to 10 years.

Smart Facility, Smart City, Smart Building

For Applications

Vibration Monitoring, Tilt Monitoring, Facility Monitoring, Safety Monitoring

High Accuracy & Stable Vibration Measurement

Advanced vibration sensor with high sensitivity

Maintenance free

No-moving wind sensor allows long life operation without maintenance

Integrated with Solar

Integrated Solar for Autonomous operation

Long life design

10+ years life design without maintenance

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