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Sigfox-Ready Gas Sensor for General Industries

Safe Zone
Replaced by
5 years with 15 minutes update time, with only 1 size-D battery. The sensor supports Sigfox zones RC1, RC2 and RC4.

Typical applications: Kitchen and food processing; production facilities and factories; hospital; retail store; transportation and logistics; laboratory; hotel and entertainment; apartment.

Smart Building, Smart City, Smart Facility, Smart Factory, Smart Healthcare, Smart Retail, Smart Transportation

For Applications

Indoor Air Quality Monitor, Gas Analyzing, Warehouse Monitoring, Odor Monitoring


Support Sigfox Zones RC1, RC2, and RC4

> 5-year battery

With ultra-low-power design and smart firmware, the sensor can last more than 5 years with single size-D battery

IP66 Rating

Polycarbonate housing with IP66

Plug & Play

The sensor is pre-configured before shipping

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