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Daviteq AL Ambient Light Sensor

Daviteq AL Ambient Light Sensor


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1. Introduction

Daviteq AL ambient light sensor is the ultra low power light sensor that measures the intensity of visible light. The spectral response of the sensor tightly matches the photopic response of the human eye and includes significant infrared rejection. The precision spectral response and strong IR rejection of the device enables the AL sensor to accurately meter the intensity of light as seen by the human eye regardless of light source. Measurements can be made from 0.01 lux up to 83k lux without manually selecting full-scale ranges by using the built-in, full-scale setting feature. This capability allows light measurement over a 23-bit effective dynamic range.

This AL sensor module can be integrated in various types of wireless devices like Sub-GHz, LoRaWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT... or wired devices like RS485 output, 4∼20mA or 0∼10℃ output.

2. Principle of Operation

This visible light sensor has the similar wavelength response as human eye, please see below chart.

Here are features of the AL ambient light sensor:

  • Precision Optical Filtering to Match Human Eye

  • Rejects > 99% (typ) of IR

  • Measurements: 0.01 lux to 83 klux 23-Bit Effective resolution

  • Operating Temperature Range: -40∼85℃

  • Design for both indoor and outdoor (IP68 rating)

3. Calibration

The AL sensor is pre-calibrated at factory by standard Lux meter. User can repeat the calibration by using a standard Lux meter.

The calibration values can be written to device via offline cable of via wireless downlink.

4. Application Notes

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5. Installation Notes

  • To measure the scattered ambient light, please do not point the sensor lens toward the light source;

  • To measure the light intensity of a light source (light bulb), point the sensor lens toward the light source;

  • Pay attention to the obstructions that prevent the light ray enten the sensor lens.

6. Troubleshooting

  1. The measured value does not change: check any obstruction, check the wiring from sensor module to main device;

  2. The measured value is always zero or closed to zero: check any obstruction or dust cover the sensor lens, check the direction of sensor lens;

  3. The measured value is always at high value: check the sensor lens direction, it may be pointed toward to unintended light source.

  4. The measured value seems inaccurate: check the dust covering on lens surface, lens surface may be scratched or degraded (need to replaced or recalibrate). If the lens look normally, perform the re-calibration by a standard Lux meter.

7. Maintenance

The AL ambient light sensor is protected by a plastic lens. Please check the lens periodically as below:

  • Clean the lens surface make sure it is cleaned.

Cleaning the lens surface by alcohol < 70%. DO NOT use acetone or other solvents, it may damage the lens surface, as it is made from plastic.

  • Check the lens surface to see any scratch or degrade. Replace the sensor module or recalibrate the sensor with a standard Lux meter;

  • Check any obstructions around the sensor and remove them.

8. Default Configuration