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Effective monitoring of In2food’s cool rooms with wireless sensors

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

With Daviteq’s high performance, durable and long-lasting wireless sensor and receiver, reliable cloud platform powered by IBM cloud, as well as simple, powerful and easy to use monitoring app, we give the production manager peace of mind knowing the facility is being monitored 24/7 hours a day 365 days a year by Templogger’s solution. The solution helps customer reduce daily labour costs, promote high food safety standards and keep accurate temperature records. Connor Sweeney - Co-Founder

Customer challenges

In2food is an established business in the fresh and prepared food categories for the market of leading hospitality and retail customers in Australia. In2food High Care facility in Flemington requires a monitoring solution for cool rooms and processing rooms to help them solve the following challenges:

  • 24/7 hours a day, 365 days a year monitoring

  • Multiple accurate records of the fridge’s temperature

  • Total replacement for lengthy manual process of fridge’s temperature check

  • Strict adherence to food safety guidelines

Templogger’s monitoring solution

Templogger is a monitoring solution provider for cold storage in Australia and New Zealand. Templogger solves the In2food High Care Facility’s daily burden of checking and recording temperature with Daviteq’s wireless sensors, iConnector WiFi gateway and Templogger’s monitoring software powered by the IBM cloud platform.


All of Daviteq’s wireless temperature sensors and iConnector WiFi gateway are built to provide ‘peace of mind’ – they are high-performance, durable and long-lasting. Wireless sensors are installed in various locations in cool rooms and processing rooms. Each sensor is checked every minute to provide full log records and real-time alerts on the apps and email. Customers could log in to the cloud monitoring software from any location to keep accurate temperature records.

Installation of wireless temperature sensor



Solution results

Reduce daily labour costs

No labour is required to implement the lengthy process of the fridge’s temperature manual check

Accurate record keeping

Temperatures are automatically logged at set intervals, giving you accurate data from anywhere in the world.

Promote high food safety standards

The facility is being monitored 24 hours a day and the app sends a notification with an alarm and email to alert customers that action needs to be taken when the temperature is in the ‘danger zone’.

Customer’s peace of mind

The facility is monitored from anywhere, at any time. Customers will only get an alert if something needs their attention

System components

  • Wireless ambient temperature sensor, Daviteq

  • iConnector WiFi gateway with the integrated wireless co-ordinator, Daviteq

  • Temperature monitoring app, Templogger


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