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Globiots monitor 24/7 District 8 Health Center’s vaccine cabinet

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Vaccine Cabinet Monitoring Solution enables the Centre to easily monitor the temperature of their vaccine cabinets through computers and smartphones. The solution also sends warnings if the cabinets’ temperature drops out of the threshold (2℃-8℃) or a power outage happens. Globiots IoT solution is an advanced application with various ways to send warnings: app notification, emails, SMS messages, and on-site alarms. With this solution, we are peace of mind because the vaccine cabinets will be monitored online 24/7. In addition, we save time and resource by replacing manual method to record temperature of the vaccine cabinets. Mr. Vo Trung Hieu - Head of Pharmacy Department

Customer challenges

Preventive Health Centre of District 8, a public healthcare facility, specializes in diagnosing, treating health problems, vaccinating and raising public health awareness. When monitoring its vaccine cabinets’ temperature, the centre has encountered the following challenges:

  • Difficult to centrally monitor the temperature of all vaccine cabinets as they are scattered throughout the medicine store and the vaccination rooms;

  • Having to spend a lot of time and effort to manually record the temperature of vaccine cabinets;

  • No warnings or alerts when the cabinet temperature is out of range or when a power outage occurs.

Globiots IoT solution for vaccine cabinet monitoring

Daviteq supplies the complete Globiots IoT solution (hardware and software) for the temperature monitoring of six vaccine cabinets and power outage monitoring. The solution initiates on-site warnings as well as transmits temperature data to the Daviteq cloud for monitoring with computers, tablets and smartphones.

  • The wireless temperature sensors for vaccine cabinets, wireless digital input sensor for power outages, and wireless relay for on-site alarms are connected to IoT Gateway – iConnector via a built-in wireless coordinator using Sub-Ghz technology. The iConnector then transmits data to Daviteq’s Globiots Cloud Server using 3G cellular network.

  • When abnormal situations such as over-temperature or unexpected power outages occur, the system will immediately send an alarm signal to the remote relay to activate the on-site alarm horn. The system will also notify alert users through apps, emails and SMS messages. Dashboard, warnings, events and reports are displayed in the Vizuo web app for online monitoring. In addition, warnings, events and reports are also sent to registered emails.

Solution deployment is simple with only 2 steps. Firstly, iConnector and wireless sensors are installed at monitored places: temperature sensors at vaccine cabinets, digital input sensor at power switchboard, relay with alarm near employee areas, and IoT Gateway - iConnector with built-in coordinator next to an uninterrupted power supply. All battery-operated sensors are 100% wireless so no sensor wiring is required. Afterwards, devices, parameters, warnings, events, dashboards and reports are configured remotely through the web. After configuration, the customer uses a web browser (Chrome, Firefox...) or mobile apps to log in with provided username and password to monitor the temperature and power supply of vaccine cabinets.

Daviteq’s wireless sensors are installed easily

Globiots PC and smartphone’s dashboard

Solution Results

Centralized monitoring of temperature from any place

The temperature of all 6 vaccine cabinets is easily monitored through computers and smartphones.

Time and resource-saving

The solution helps customers save up to 20 hours per month by replacing manual temperature records.

Online monitoring of vaccine cabinet temperature

The system immediately sends warnings to the authorized person whenever the temperature is out of the threshold.

Prevent vaccine losses due to power outage

When a power outage occurs, the system immediately activates an on-site alarm to warn local employees as well as sends SMS messages and emails to authorized people to quickly solve the problem.

System Components

  • Wireless Ambient Temperature Sensor, Daviteq

  • Wireless Digital Input Sensor, Daviteq

  • Wireless Relay, Daviteq

  • iConnector 3G Gateway, Daviteq

  • Cloud Globiots Annual Subscription (server, software, operation, SIM data), Daviteq



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