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Wireless + IoT “as a perfect couple”

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

IoT is a solution to connect millions of devices to the internet. IoT connectivity facilitates data collection from different devices. IoT has been increasingly applied worldwide and plays an important role as an advanced technology in the digital era.

A few decades ago, wireless devices were described as science fiction. However, nowadays they have been booming because of their benefits. With wireless devices, wiring cost is zero, installation space is clean, change of device location is simple and device maintenance is easy.

Since 2012, Daviteq has pioneered IoT investment and has been developed successfully its own IoT platform with the brand name Globiots. IoT Globiots, an industrial IoT platform, specializes in manufacturing management applications and factory facility management applications. Recently, Daviteq has been developed and produced successfully new production line wireless sensor which measures real-world parameters using wireless and battery-operation technology. With a battery AA inside, the wireless sensor could operate for up to 10 years.

Some factory engineers have wondered “whether Daviteq’s couple wireless sensors and IoT Globiots are sufficient for them to collect and analyze data?” and the answer is clearly and completely “Yes”. Daviteq wireless sensor product line (temperature, humidity, pressure, analogue, digital…) could measure almost parameters in the real world.

After connecting the wireless sensors to the IoT Globiots platform, the collected data will be viewed in configurable dashboards and reports. In addition, with modular design, several connected points, software functions and reports could be scaled and upgraded easily.

In the past, data collection, data analysis and central management models are challenging. Daviteq has invested reasonable finance, enthusiasm and effort to solve these challenges. If you have been looking for a solution for the above challenges, with our achievements and experiences in product design, development, and production Daviteq will provide the right solution for you!



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