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LoRaWAN Ex d Analog Output Node

Analog Output
Hazardous Zones
Replaced by
WSLRWEX-AO is a LoRaWAN device featuring an analog output of 4-20mA and certified with Ex d explosion-proof approval. It is designed to receive data from a LoRaWAN gateway and output the corresponding value to the 4-20mA port. In P2P-LoRa mode, it can also receive data directly from any P2P- LoRa sensor. This solution enables seamless wireless data transmission between legacy instruments with 4-20mA outputs and reading devices such as PLCs, RTUs, and DCS systems. It supports global frequency bands, including EU868, IN865, RU864, KR920, AS923, AS923-2, AU915, and US915.

Smart Facility, Smart Factory

For Applications

Facility Monitoring, Energy Monitoring, Process Monitoring

LoRaWAN Communication

LoRaWAN Specification V1.0.3

Direct receiving data from other end device

By using P2P-LoRa Mode

Ex d Zones 1-2-21-22

Ex d approval for installation in Zone 1, Zone 2 or Safe Zone

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