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Daviteq Sigfox-Ready Sensor

Daviteq Sigfox-Ready Sensors

  • Using Sigfox-certified RF module

  • Ultra-low power design, class 1u RF

  • Support all Sigfox zones in the World

  • 10-Year battery with just 2 x AA 1.5V Alkaline or Lithium battery (depends on sensor type and configuration)

  • Standard internal antenna

  • Optional external antenna

  • Optional with Solar harvesting energy with 10-Year Lifetime;

  • IP67/ 68 protection for both Indoor and Outdoor applications;

  • Ex d approved design for Hazardous zones 1-2-21-22

  • CE/FCC on request

  • Integrate with 100+ sensor types or I/O: temperature, humidity, pressure, level, vibration, CO₂, CO, NH₃, Cl₂, H₂S... 

Sigfox Zones

Support all Sigfox Zones in the World

Sigfox backend

Easy integration of your Application software with Sigfox backend via Callbacks and RestAPI

Modular design for hundred choices of sensor or I/O

Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Level, Vibration, Ambient Light, Tilt, AC Current, Pulse Input, CO₂, NH₃, Cl₂, H₂S...

Modular Design for Hundred Choices of Sensor or I/O
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