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Daviteq Humidity Sub-1GHz Sensors

Daviteq Sub-1GHz Sensors

  • Advanced narrow-band wireless technology of Texas Instrument

  • Low interference

  • Ultra-low power design with 10-20 year battery life with a single battery 1.5V

  • Strong 2-way communication between sensors and co-ordinator

  • High penetration capability

  • Simple deployment

  • Straight-forward system architecture for easy integration to existing DCS, SCADA, PLC...

  • IP67/ 68 protection for both Indoor and Outdoor applications

  • CE mark

  • Multiple choices of sensors or I/O: temperature, humidity, pressure, level, vibration, CO₂, CO, NH₃, Cl₂, H₂S...

Easy integrated the Sub-GHz wireless sensors to existing PLC, SCADA, DCS

via ModbusRTU or ModbusTCP

Daviteq Sub-1GHz Sensors
Daviteq Sub-1GHz Sensors

Easy connect to any IoT Gateway from any manufacturer

via ModbusRTU or ModbusTCP

Connect to Globiots natively by using iConnector

a Smart IoT Gateway from Daviteq

Easy diagnose and configure the Sub-GHz sensors remotely

Daviteq Sub-1GHz Sensors
Daviteq Sub-1GHz Sensors

Using Sub-Ghz Nodes as a Wireless Bridge to replace RS485 cabling

Acting as the tunnels to transmit the data packages in RS485 network via space!

Modular design for hundred choices of sensor or I/O

Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Level, Vibration, Ambient Light, Tilt, AC Current, Pulse Input, CO₂, NH₃, Cl₂, H₂S...

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