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Daviteq Globiots Use case

Globiots EMS - Energy Management solution for Garment Factory

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Garment factories are labor-intensive, and workers mainly operate their machines. In these factories, the efficiency of energy usage almost depends on workers' behavior. Besides, factory customers require reliable energy efficiency data to meet carbon emission standards. Therefore, factories need an energy management solution in industry to effectively manage primary energies such as electricity, water, compressed air, fuel to overcome the following difficulties:

    Manually collected energy data is not up-to-date, incomplete, and unreliable.
    The daily work of manually recording electricity data and making Excel reports wastes resources.
    Energy manager suspects that energy is wasted, especially at night and on holidays.
    Factory customers doubt energy efficiency data collected manually by the plant.


To solve the problems of garment factories, Daviteq has developed the Globiots EMS energy management solution to meet the needs of the factories. The solution monitors principal energies in garment factories such as electricity, water, steam, compressed air, and fuel. In addition to energy monitoring, Globiots EMS can upgrade to monitor the factory's environment, equipment, vehicle and machinery. The system includes the following functions:

    Automatically collect the value of energy parameters in the plant: instantaneous energy, accumulative energy, and quality of energy.
    Display current energy value, historical energy graph, energy consumption reports, and energy cost reports for the selected period.
    Instantly send alerts when parameters exceed thresholds or when abnormal events occur via the web interface on PC, via smartphone and tablet apps, and SMS.
    View relevant software interfaces, send scheduled emails of tailored energy reports, and notify right alerts and events to registered users and groups of users.


    Unified manages all energy forms on one system and access anywhere with PC, tablet, and smartphone.
    Install and deploy the system quickly, upgrade features and expand monitoring scope easily.
    Optimize investment and operating costs, and be suitable for energy management needs from small to large scale.
    Design software features and energy report templates according to customer needs.


Daviteq's factory energy management solution, Globiots EMS, helps garment factories overcome the above difficulties in managing energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. Globiots EMS also brings many benefits to the factories as follows:

    The system helps to manage energy continuously 24/7 and saves monthly personnel costs for data recording.
    Energy analysis reports provide valuable information for an energy manager to plan for effective energy savings.
    Instant energy quality alerts lead to increase production machine life and reduce production downtime.
    The application of Globiots EMS solution helps the factory obtain ISO 50001 certification and increase brand value.
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