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Daviteq Globiots Use case

Machine Tool Monitoring solution based on Globiots

Machine Operation Monitoring


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Part manufacturing factories in Viet Nam have many types of metalworking machinery (milling machines, lathes, stamping machines, EDM...), from various brands (Mazak, Doosan, Hision, Fanuc, Haas, Okuma...), with different technologies (fully mechanical, CNC). These machines are mainly second-hand machines imported from EU, Japan, Korea. The factories need a comprehensive machine tool monitoring system to help them handle the following challenges:

    Factory managers suspect that machines are not used effectively but they do not know the causes.
    Data for machine monitoring, collected manually, are missing, low reliable and not updated.
    There is not comprehensive monitoring solution for machine (production progress, operation, OEE...).
    Problems that reduce machine performance are detected and reported slowly to relevant departments.


IoT Globiots is a complete solution for machine tool monitoring. The solution apply IoT technology based on Daviteq's Globiots platform. IoT Globiots can be used to monitor many types of machine tools from anywhere using a PC, tablet, or smartphone. In addition to metalworking machines, the solution can extend to monitor other types of machines and equipment in factories.
This machine tool monitoring system has the following main functions:

    Automatically collect operation status, production output, product quality, cause of machine standby, start and end of production for each item
    Display KPIs such as usage time, performance, OEE of machine tools for production management, equipment management and operator management
    Displays report of operating status, total time, output, productivity, and production progress of the machine during selected period
    Instantly send alerts, events when problems or unusual events occur via web application, mobile app on phone or tablet, and email to users


    Unified monitoring of different types of machines, from various machine manufacturers in factory.
    Machine monitoring for operations, production, performance from anywhere using PCs, tablets and smartphones.
    Easy upgrade for features, report interface and quick expansion the number of machines to be monitored
    Simple data exchange between IoT Globiots software and business management software (ERP, CRM...).


The machine tool monitoring solution brings many benefits to part processing factories in the supporting industries in terms of production management, machine management, employee satisfaction and motivation, resource management and business development:

    Real-time monitoring of machine's production progress helps manager take appropriate and timely measures to achieve the plan.
    Identification of machine's main downtime causes results in taking appropriate measures to reduce machine downtime.
    Automatic notification of machine downtime to the relevant department lead to handle promptly machine downtime problems.
    Factory customers are peace of mind because production progress of their order is monitored continuously from anywhere.
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