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Smart Hydroponic - Intelligent Hydroponic System

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Hydroponics is a model of the high-tech application in agriculture. With this model, plants grow without soil and use nutrient solutions in water. When the farmer applies an intelligent hydroponic system, the plants grow quickly with uniform product quality and yield from 30 to 40% higher than conventional cultivation. The application of the automated hydroponics system helps to overcome the following difficulties of traditional farming:

    Traditional farming requires specialized knowledge and farming experiences.
    Manual environmental monitoring and irrigation control should be intermittent and human-dependent.
    Traditional farming wastes valuable resources for management and plant cares.
    Marketed hydroponic systems are high to invest, challenging to deploy, and complex to expand.


Daviteq's intelligent hydroponic system, Smart Hydroponics, ensures optimal water conditions for hydroponic farming. In this system, an IoT gateway, iConnector, collects data from Sub-GHz wireless sensors that measure environmental parameters (temperature, humidity, light, CO₂, and water's pH, EC) and transmits the data to the server to monitor intelligent hydroponic control system. Smart Hydroponic includes the following essential functions:

    Automatically collect hydroponic system parameters such as temperature, humidity, light, O₂, CO₂, water pH, water EC, and nutrient solutions.
    Display current values ​​of the hydroponic system's ambient conditions, nutrient solution level, and control statuses on dashboards.
    Visualize and export historical graphs and analysis reports of hydroponic system environmental parameters during the selected period.
    Control the water pump, water supply valve, nutrient solution supplies, and CO₂ volume based on collected sensors' data and plant growth stage.


    Monitor hydroponic system online 24/7 from anywhere, anytime by desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.
    Deploy the system quickly and maintain the system easily, thanks to Sub-GHz wireless sensors and actuators.
    Upgrade monitoring functions, add report templates, and scale monitoring scope quickly and conveniently.
    Optimize system costs such as connection material cost, installation labor cost, and monitoring software cost.


The intelligent hydroponic system, Smart Hydroponics, provides farmers with an advanced, efficient, and reliable monitoring and control solution. The solution increases crop productivity and plant quality with the following outstanding benefits:

    Increase the productivity of hydroponic crops by optimizing the control process of plant nutrient solution supply.
    Ensure a stable hydroponic environment based on the continuous monitoring system and timely warning function.
    Enhance the plant quality because the system meets fully, automatically, and optimally the nutritional needs of plants.
    Optimize resources in plant care, crop management, nutrient solution control, and environment monitoring.
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