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Daviteq Globiots Use case

Smart Server Room - Monitoring Data Center solution

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Expensive servers and network devices are designed to operate under standard temperature and humidity conditions. Each large data center or server room is a crucial place to store information and process data, so it is necessary to ensure the stable operation of devices and minimize risks and incidents. Therefore, companies urgently need a comprehensive data center monitoring and management solution that helps to solve the following difficulties:

    Technicians must be available 24/7 to monitor the data center.
    If the server room temperature is too high, it will affect the data center's performance.
    There is no device to warn of abnormalities such as smoke, unstable power supply.
    Untimely water leak detection will be the risk of losing essential data.


Daviteq's data center monitoring and management solution helps to remotely monitor data centers' environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, power failure, water leakage, fire alarm, open/close door, and UPS status. An iConnector collects data from wireless sensors and sends data to a Cloud server via 3G/ Wifi/ Ethernet network. Customers use web applications or apps to monitor & manage the data center. The system has the following main functions:

    Automatically collect data center parameters: temperature, humidity, power failure, water leak, fire alarm, cooling gas, door opening/ closing, UPS status.
    Visualize current values of the data center's environment, security, and power parameter, as well as server and network devices' health parameters.
    Visualize and export historical charts, analytics reports, event reports and alarm reports of the data center during the selected period.
    Immediately send an alert when the data center parameters exceed the threshold by a notification on the application, email, and SMS to the authorized staff.


    True wireless sensors (battery operation and Sub-GHz wireless connection) lead to quick deployment, simple maintenance.
    Various parameters of the data center such as environment, security, power supply are monitored 24/7.
    Alerts are sent out in different ways (app notification, email, SMS) when there are problems in the data center.
    Data exchange between Globiots and business management software (ERP, CRM…) is easy using API, MQTT, and CSV files.


Daviteq's data center monitoring and management solution assists companies to manage data centers efficiently and reliably with a monitoring system that applies advanced technologies (Sub-GHz wireless and Internet of Things) to optimize customer benefits:

    Save time and resources to record periodical data and make manual reports on the parameter of the data center.
    Effectively control the data center operation and reduce the risk of devices damage, data loss, and explosion.
    Solve problems effectively because they receive alerts immediately when the parameters exceed thresholds.
    Reduce the negative impact on operations, production, business plans, and the reputation of organizations and businesses.
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