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Daviteq Globiots Use case

Temperature Monitoring solution for Vaccine Cabinet

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The preservation of vaccines is extremely important, especially in the current complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic. Vaccines must always be stored in suitable conditions. Almost all health facilities are now equipped with monitoring devices according to the regulation of the Government. However, there will be difficulties and obstacles that can be encountered such as:

    On-site monitoring system, medical staff as well as doctors must be on duty continuously to handle time when there is a power failure or devices damage caused during the monitoring process.
    Installing a monitoring system is time-consuming and has a large investment cost, which can affect the structure of the vaccine storage system. Therefore, it wastes money as well as wastes human resources, which are currently very limited.
    When it is time to calibrate, all devices are completely removed. Therefore, disassembly and re-installation take a lot of time and there are no devices to monitor the vaccine cabinet.
    Upgrading, expanding, maintaining the monitoring system has many difficulties, accompanied by large costs incurred.


Globiots IoT solution monitoring vaccine cabinet temperature using IoT technology and Sub-GHz Wireless includes:

    Battery-operated wireless temperature sensors are located in each vaccine cabinet. The sensors transmit data to iConnector through Sub-GHz wireless technology.
    iConnector transmits data to the cloud server via 3G/ Wifi/ Ethernet network. Customers use computers, smartphones and tablets to monitor the temperature of vaccine cabinets.


    Sub-GHz wireless technology, easy installation and maintenance.
    24/7 continuous visual monitoring.
    Warning through 2 methods: on-site (warning light), remotely (emergency calls, SMS, email).
    Automatically collect temperature and humidity parameters from wireless sensors.
    Display current parameters, historical graphs and export analysis reports on mobile devices and on web-browser, app platforms


The IoT Globiots solution helps vaccine repositories quickly deploy an efficient and reliable measure. Thereby, medical facilities can best preserve vaccines as well as meet the requirements of the Government's Decree issued:

    Receive instant alerts outside the allowed threshold.
    Ensure the safety of human health and life in vaccination activities.
    Ensure that vaccination activities in the community do not stall.
    Reduce the rate of financial loss: recall vaccines, destroy damaged vaccines.
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