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Daviteq Globiots Use case

Warehouse Temperature Humidity Monitoring System based on Globiots

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Warehouse always be an essential part of the logistics supply chain. Storage of specific goods such as foods, agricultural products, pharmaceuticals or vaccines, requires a stringent demand of temperature & humidity conditions. Therefore, to ensure the preservation of the goods, the warehouse operation unit has to apply a temperature humidity monitoring system to track environmental conditions. However, traditional monitoring solutions still have some shortages:

    Some solutions are so simple with manually recording data and making the report.
    Data collected manually is inconsecutive, outdated, and unreliable.
    It is difficult to track the environmental data when the number of warehouses increases.
    Traditional wired solutions are high installation costs and offline monitoring with the data logger


IoT Globiots, developed and provided by Daviteq, is a total solution (hardware & software) for Warehouse Temperature Humidity Monitoring. The solution facilitates the warehouse operation unit to track data online and is suitable for various warehouse types (cold warehouse, pharmaceutical storage, agricultural warehouse, freezer, vaccine cabinet). IoT Globiots, using wireless sensors, IoT Gateway, and Globiots platform, has below typical functions:

    Temperature and humidity sensors are calibrated and certified by 3rd-party to ensure their high temperature and humidity measurement accuracy.
    The system automatically records temperature and humidity values from wireless sensors and shows historical trends and timeline reports.
    Globiots software is easy usage, user-friendly interface, and immediate notification on PC screen, tablet, smartphone to registered users.
    The solution is easy to upgrade as the number of warehouses or freezers increases without interruption to the current system's operation


    Various warehouses are monitored by PC, tablet, or smartphone, and collected data can easily migrate to ERP, CRM…
    The solution is quick deployment, easy upgrade of functions and reports, and simple scope expansion.
    IoT Globiots is cost-optimized and suitable to manage any type and any size of warehouse.
    Dashboards, functions, notifications, and reports are customized-design based on customer requests.


With an innovative IoT platform and Sub-GHz wireless communication technology, Daviteq's remote Temperature Humidity Monitoring system, based on Globiots, provides a reliable, smoothly-operated, and effective solution with optimized benefits:

    The solution facilitates 24/7 environmental management and saves working hours spent on manually recording the parameters.
    IoT Globiots ensure that the goods are stored in the proper environmental conditions and prevent the goods' quality loss.
    Immediate notifications when an abnormal status occurred, help the operator quickly solve the environmental problem.
    The warehouse operation unit becomes a sample of smart warehouse management in the era of Industry 4.0.
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