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CO₂ Live - CO₂ Monitoring solution to Reduce the Risk of Covid-19

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An effective indoor ventilation system will significantly reduce the risk of bacteria and viruses infection. The performance of an indoor ventilation system is determined through CO₂ concentrations in closed room environments of offices, schools, hospitals, shops, and factories. In the current Covid-19 epidemic, indoor facilities need an optimal CO₂ monitoring system to reduce the risk of Covid-19 infection and overcome the following difficulties:

The marketed solutions to monitor the risk of Covid-19 in an indoor environment are very expensive.
CO₂ monitoring systems are almost unavailable or consist only of a few local monitored points.
Current wired solutions are challenging to deploy and complicated for maintenance.
The CO₂ monitoring system in the market has a high cost due to imported equipment and much wiring.

Các giải pháp

CO₂ Live is a continuous indoor CO₂ monitoring solution and applies modern technologies CMOSens, Sub-GHz, and IoT. The solution consists of wireless sensors that measure indoor CO₂ concentration, ambient temperature, and humidity. Collected data from the sensors are wirelessly transmitted to the server through the IoT gateway, iConnector, to continuously monitor the indoor environmental conditions. CO₂ Live includes the following main functions:

Measure the ambient temperature, humidity, and CO₂ concentration in different areas of the indoor facility with wireless sensors using CMOSens® and Sub-GHz technology.
Display current values, historical trends, alarm reports of indoor environmental condition parameters on web and mobile applications.
Alert locally via buzzer and send notifications via app, email, and SMS to authorized people when CO₂ concentration exceeds the set threshold.
Be available signals for connection to existing indoor facilities' ventilation control system for the system's operation cost optimization.


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Sensors transmit wirelessly and use batteries for quick installation and easy maintenance.
The measurement sensor is compacted design, industrial standard, and 3-in-1 measurement.

The system alerts in different ways: onsite siren, app notification, alarm email, and SMS.
The solution applies many of the world's advanced technologies such as CMOSens®, Sub-GHz, and IoT.

Những lợi ích

The CO₂ monitoring solution, CO₂ Live, reduces the risk of Covid-19 infection to people in indoor facilities. In addition, the solution optimizes investment, increases customer satisfaction, and saves operating costs. CO₂ Live offers the following benefits:

    The real-time monitoring solution leads to quick troubleshooting and reduces the risk of Covid-19 infection.
    The system uses wireless and battery-powered CO₂ sensors to optimize the cost of monitoring the risk of Covid-19 infection.
    The system helps maintain a standard CO₂ concentration to enhance staff productivity and health condition.
    The CO₂ Live solution facilitates optimal operation and saves energy costs for indoor ventilation systems.

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