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Sigfox PT100 Input Sensor




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WSSFC-PT100 is a Sigfox-ready node with modular design connected to PT100 temperature sensor, based on 10-year experience in design and manufacturing Industrial sensor of Daviteq Company. It has been factory pre-calibrated for high accuracy and quick set-up. The ultra-Low power design and smart firmware allow the sensor to last up to 10 years with 02 x AA battery (depending on configuration). The sensor will transmit data in kilo-meters distance to Sigfox base station. WSSFC-PT100 can support all regions of Sigfox network in over the World, RC1, RC2, RC3, RC4, RC5, RC6, RC7. Some typical applications are temperature monitoring for factories, agriculture, boilers, ...


Smart Agriculture, Smart Building, Smart City, Smart Energy, Smart Facility, Smart Factory, Smart Farm, Smart Retail, Smart Utilities

Dành cho ứng dụng

Temperature Monitoring, Process Monitoring, Safety Monitoring

Sigfox Ready

Device are best operating performance on the SIGFOX network

10-Year battery

Ultra-low power sensing technology from Daviteq with Ultra-low power wireless technology allow the sensor can last up to 10 years with 2 x AA batteries 1.5VDC


Sensors are pre-calibrated at factory to deliver high accuracy and quick installation

For Outdoor

IP67 design for both Indoor and Outdoor applications and easy cleaning

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