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Wireless Ultrasonic Level Sensor for Trash Bin




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The WS433-ULA is a Sub-GHz wireless sensor that uses ultrasonic technology to measure trash bin levels. With advanced digital signal processing technology, the sensor can eliminate unwanted reflected ultrasonic waves. The sensor can be used for trash cans with openable lids where the measured value is not affected during the opening and closing. The sensor is designed for IP68 Standard, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. With a smart design, the sensor can work for more than 5 years with only 2 AA batteries. The sensor will connect to the Sub-GHz receiver at a distance of up to 400-500m in an obstacle-free environment.
The WS433-ULA sensor is used to monitor the level of garbage in the trash cans in Office buildings, Hospitals, Schools, Factories... and also for public trash cans of Smart City.


Smart Agriculture, Smart Building, Smart City, Smart Facility, Smart Farm, Smart Factory, Smart Transportation

Dành cho ứng dụng

Waste Management, Process Monitoring, Safety Monitoring, Infrastructure Monitoring

High Accuracy & Stable

Advanced digital signal processing technique to provide high accuracy and reliable signal

Reliable & Secured Wireless Connection

Sub-GHz technology from Texas Instruments allows reliable wireless connection in industrial applications

Ultra-low power with 5 years battery

Ultra-low-power sensing technology from Daviteq allows the sensor can last up to 5 years

For both indoor and outdoor applications

With IP68 design and Poly-carbonate material, the sensor can be used for outdoor

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