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LoRaWAN Ex d Electro-chemical Oxygen Sensor

Air Quality, Gas Leakage
Hazardous Zones
Replaced by
WSLRWEX-O2 is an Ex d approved LoRaWAN electrochemical-type oxygen sensor with a high sensitivity to low concentrations of detected gas, high selectivity, and a stable baseline. The device is used in Hazardous Zone 1-2. With Ultra-low-power design and smart firmware allow the complete Wireless and Sensor package to run on a single battery for 5 years or more with 15 minutes update. It supports global frequency bands EU868, IN865, RU864, KR920, AS923, AS923-2, AU915, US915. The sensor can work perfectly with any LoRaWAN Gateway and any Network Server on the market.

Smart Facility, Smart Factory

For Applications

Ambient Air Quality Monitor, Indoor Air Quality Monitor

LoRaWAN communication

Support LoRaWAN Class A, connect to any LoRaWAN gateway on the market

High Performance Sensor

High Accuracy and Ultra-low power Sensor from Daviteq

5-10 years Battery life

Ultra low power sensor technology allow 5-10 years battery life with a single battery

Ex d Zones 1-2-21-22

Ex d approved for Hazardous Zones 1-2-21-22

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