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LoRaWAN Mini Control Valve

Control Valve
Safe Zone
Replaced by
WSLRW-BV is a LoRaWAN Mini Control Valve, integrated with a Ball valve body. The ultra-low power design allows the Valve to run in 5 years with 2 batteries (depending on configuration). The valve will transmit data in kilo-meters distance to the LoRaWAN gateway, any brand on the market.

This LoRaWAN Mini Control valve is the best choice for an Irrigation System for a Garden, Smart Farm, or Hydroponic Farm. It can be used for FCU in HVAC or any water supply line in a Facility or Building.

Smart Agriculture, Smart Building, Smart City, Smart Facility, Smart Farm, Smart Factory

For Applications

Smart Irrigation, Water Supply System, Water Level Control, Oil Level Control

LoRaWAN communication

LoRaWAN communication standard to allow the device connect to any LoRaWAN Gateway on the market.

5-Year battery

Ultra-low power technology from Daviteq allows the Valve to last up to 5 years with 02 batteries.

Remote Control via Class A or Class C

Remotely control via Downlink command in Class A or Class C mode

Valve Health Diagnostic

Detect valve malfunctions, clogging...

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