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We design and produce Wireless Sensors for

Our sensors support Connectivity

Our Products help Customers

“Daviteq Sigfox Ex D Gas Pressure Sensor installed at major energy provider in Queensland, Australia. Monitoring Gas Wells to reduce manual readings.”

"Daviteq LoRaWan Tilt Sensor to monitor road slippage on highways in New Zealand installed by world leading engineering firm.”

“iConnector Gateway using NB-IoT connectivity connects to Wireless Sensors using 433MHz RF to monitor fridges and freezers for leading pharmaceutical brands in Australia.”

Why us?

Cutting Edge Sensing Technology

With 22 years of experience in the Process Industry and 12 years of experience in Developing and Manufacturing Industrial Sensors to deliver High accuracy, High stability, and Ultra-low power Sensor.

Durable, High Quality Materials

The industrial-grade design and materials allow sensors to run autonomously for more than 10 years in harsh environments.

Why Daviteq

Bespoke Service

Because of Modular Design and an experienced in-house R&D team, we can customize a new sensor in just a month!

Experienced Advisor Service

With in-depth experience in many different fields such as sensors, measurement, electronics, telecommunications, mechanics, and machining,... We can provide reliable consulting services to help customers choose the right product or solution or design a new product to meet specific needs.

Partners & Clients

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