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ECC Can Tho deploys effective energy management solution based on Globiots

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

EMS IoT Globiots help us deploy energy management solution simple, fast with optimal cost. In addition, specialized and user-frienly energy reports facilitate us to analyze and consult more effectively factory’s energy usage. Nguyen Thanh Tung - Center's deputy director

Customer challenges

ECC Can Tho is a consultancy centre for energy management solutions, energy audit services, energy saving services, under Can Tho Industry and Trade Department. During selecting technology and solution for the energy management system of Tay Do Steel Factory, ECC Can Tho met the following challenges:

  • The project team do not specialize in electrical and information technology

  • Available solutions on the market are high-cost and complicated in operation and maintenance

  • System maintenance and repair are costly, complex, and time-consumed because of the remote location of the factory

  • The available software interface is too complicated, not specialized in energy management, and hard to customize

EMS IoT Globiots solution

In June 2017, ECC Can Tho provided an energy management solution for 10 power meters in the Tay Do steel factory using Daviteq’s EMS IoT Globiots technology. The system monitors and displays the factory's energy consumption report and energy quality.


A 3G iConnector gateway connects all 10 Selec’s power meters through port RS485, Modbus RTU protocol. The iConnector collects data from power meters and transmits them to the IoT Globiots cloud server through GPRS/ 3G cellular network. Data is stored and analyzed in the cloud server. Vizuo, a web application software, views dashboard, event, alarm and energy reports to help effectively manage the factory’s electric power.

System deployment is implemented in two simple steps. Firstly, the customer replaces an RS485/ RS232 converter with a 3G iConnector and the iConnector is connected to power meters in the form of bridge wiring by a 2-core twisted shielded cable. Secondly, the system, parameters, alarm, event, software interface and user are configured remotely through a web interface. After configuration, users could log in to the Vizuo application software using a web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox…) with provided username and password to manage electrical energy.

Solution results

Quick system deployment

The deployment is implemented through two simple steps and does not require high-skilled technicians, even customers could deploy by themselves

Anywhere, any time monitoring

The system automatically collects energy data 24/7 and use could monitor from inside and outside the factory on any device (desktop, laptop, tablet)

After-sales cost save

Remote configuration, update, testing, repair, and troubleshooting result in saving service time and cost

Optimized software

Software interfaces are friendly, easy to use, customized, scalable, and expandable

System Components

  • Power meter, model MFM383A-C output RS485 Modbus RTU, Selec.

  • 3G iConnector IoT Gateway, Daviteq.

  • Annual cloud EMS IoT Globiots service (server rental, software rental, operation and maintenance for server and software, SIM data), Daviteq.



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